Physical Prototyping at UBC and Open Robotics Demo

Speaker: Jon Nakane


Prototyping tools are available on campus for students looking to fabricate their ideas into physical objects. On display will be physical prototypes from UBC Engineering Physics and other local groups making use of waterjet cutters, 3d printers, laser cutters and other tools to put together physical prototypes for academic courses, capstone projects and extracurricular teams.

Speaker Bio:

Jon Nakane has been at UBC for more than 15 years – as an undergrad and grad student, and currently as the Lab Director of the Engineering Physics Project Lab at UBC. He supervises senior undergrad engineering projects involving electronics, mechanical and software solutions. He has access to some of the more interesting prototyping tools on campus, and has sponsored extra-curricular competition teams (UBC Snowstar, Electric Racing Team, UBC Rapid).