2010 Overview

Funding Agency Panel: Opening up Access
Craig McNaughton, Andrea Smith, Monique Zaloum
Opening Remarks
Mark Vessey
Introduction to Open Access and Connected Open Movements
Joy Kirchner
Developing the Cycling Route Planner, the 2010 Innovative ResearchAward Winner – Professor Michael Brauer
Dr. Michael Brauer
Open Research Data
Heather Piwowar
An Open Platform: Using the UBC Wiki as a Collaborative Tool and Information Repository
Novak Rogic and Will Engle
Exploring Open Source Options for Records Management
Corinne Rogers, Evelyn McLellan, and Elizabeth Shaffer
Choosing to be an Open Access Journal
Dr. Anita Palepu
Workshop on Managing Your Copyright & Author Rights
Joy Kirchner
Open Access and the Opportunity for Universities
David Eaves
Scholarly Rights and Responsibilities in the Digital Age
John Willinsky, Meike Wernicke, and Reilly Yeo
What Bill C-32 Means to Educators: What Can We Do?
Martha Rans
Digital Tattoo Student Workshop: Managing Your Rights as an Information Creator and Consumer
Trish Rosseel, Jen Goerzen, and Darren Fleet
Coming out of your silo: Leveraging cIRcle to increase your academic impact
Hilde Colenbrander, Francisco J. Grajales III, and Meghan Radomske
The Case for Open Data and eScience – Establishing a University Data Management Program at Johns Hopkins A Joint Open Access Week/BC Research Libraries Group Lecture Series Event
G. Sayeed Choudhury
Student Advocacy for Open Access at UBC and Beyond
Goldis Chami and Gordana Panic
Closing Reception & Remarks by David Farrar, Provost and Vice President Academic, UBC
David Farrar
Information Session: A 20 Minute Overview of Open Access
Undergraduate Research in cIRcle: Impact Beyond a Course GradeBarbara Sobol, Professor Paul Milton, and Professor Julien Vernet
Electronic Theses & Dissertations: Opening Access to Graduate ResearchBarbara Sobol, Ph.D Student Vida, Ph.D Student Levi, and Ph.D Student Michelle
Leveraging Open Education: Sharing Educational Resources
Peter Arthur
CIHR Open Access Mandate – UBC Library Support
Peter Arthur

Peter Arthur
PHD and Director Centre for Teaching & Learning
Dr. Michael Brauer
Professor, UBC School of Environmental Health, Department of Medicine & Atmospheric Science Programme, College for Interdisciplinary Studies & Faculty of Medicine
Goldis Chami
G. Sayeed Choudhury
Associate Dean for Library Digital Programs and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center, Johns Hopkins University
Hilde Colenbrander
cIRcle Coordinator, UBC Library
David Eaves
Will Engle
Web Strategist, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, UBC
David Farrar
Provost and Vice President Academic, University of British Columbia
Darren Fleet
Digital Tattoo Project Coordinator, UBC
Jen Goerzen
Digital Tattoo Project Coordinator, UBC
Francisco J. Grajales III
Graduate student and Graduate Student Society Senate representative
Joy Kirchner
Digital Scholarship, UBC Library
Evelyn McLellan
Craig McNaughton
Director, Knowledge Mobilization and Program Integration, SSHRC
Professor Paul Milton
Dr. Anita Palepu
Professor of Medicine, UBC Co-editor of Open Medicine
Gordana Panic
Heather Piwowar
Zoology Department, PostDoc
Meghan Radomske
Graduate student and Student Librarian, cIRcle
Martha Rans
Creative Commons Canada
Corinne Rogers
Novak Rogic
Web Strategist, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, UBC
Trish Rosseel
Teaching & Learning Librarian UBC Library
Elizabeth Shaffer
Andrea Smith
Manager, Partnerships for Health System Improvement and Evidence on Tap, CIHR
Barbara Sobol
Librarian, Okanagan Library
Professor Julien Vernet
Mark Vessey
Chair, Library Senate Committee and Professor of English
Meike Wernicke
John Willinsky
Reilly Yeo
Monique Zaloum
Senior Policy Advisor, Policy and InternationalRelations, NSERC