2011 Overview

A Course on Reporducible Research in Computational and Data Science: What should it be?
Dr. Ian Mitchell & Dr. Dhavide Aruliah
Opening Up Education – Creative Alternatives to Access Copyright
Paul Stacey
Transitioning a Journal to an Open Access Business Model: A Canadian Perspective
Lesley Andres and Sharon Hu
“What Problems Are We Trying To Fix?”
Dr. David Rosenthal
Leading the Next Frontier of OA: Filtering, Aggregating, and Evaluating Research Content
Jennifer Lin
Why Springer Moved to OA?
Wim van der Stelt
Blogging as Cataloging: Visibility, Accessibility and Possibility in Special Art Libraries
Ksenia Cheinman
Opening Up Worldwide Access to key BC Historical Documents: Chinese Canadian Stories, BC Historical Newspapers and More
Mike Conroy, Denise Fong, and Mimi Lam
Opening the Possibilities of the Internet: OpenMedia.ca’s Transformative Campaigns and the University Community
Reilly Yeo
Getting Started with Creative Commons
Duncan McHugh
User Rights in Education – Comparative Copytright Laws in US & Canada
Dwayne K. Buttler
Bill C-11 – Beyond Digital Locks
Martha Rans
Open Source Solutions for Archival Collections
Evelyn McLellan and Sarah Romkey
Copyright and the Classroom: Open Scholarship Solutions to Support Classroom Use of Material
Joy Kirchner
Investigations into Open Peer Review Models
Bonnie Wen
From Community Engagement to Global Access: Bringing UBC’s Knowledge to the World with cIRcle
Hilde Colenbrander, Tara Stephens, and Julia Thompson
Wikis, Blogs, and Websites: Leveraging Open Source Software to Support Teaching and Learning, Scholarly Communication, and Academic Collaboration
Will Engle, Novak Rogic, and Schott McMillan
UBC Innovators in the Dissemination of Research – Showcase and Exchange

Prof. Lesley Andres
Professor, Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia and Editor of Canadian Journal of Higher Education
Dr. Dhavide Aruliah
Dr. Harry Brumer
Professor, Michael Smith Laboratories and Department of Chemistry at UBC
Prof. Dwayne K. Buttler
J.D. Professor, University Libraries, Evelyn J. Schneider Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication University of Louisville
Ksenia Cheinman
MLIS Candidate UBC School of Library, Archival & Information Studies
Mike Conroy
Digitization Team, UBC Library
Hilde Colenbrander
cIRcle Coordinator
Will Engle
UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Dr. Paul Evans
Director of the Institute of Asian Research and Professor, Liu Institute for Global Issues
Denise Fong
Digitization Team, UBC Library
Sharon Hu
Journal Manager
Joy Kirchner
Scholarly Communications Coordinator, UBC Library
Mimi Lam
Digitization Team, UBC Library
Jennifer Lin
Public Library of Science
Duncan McHugh
Faculty of Land & Food Systems
Evelyn McLellan
Artefactual Systems
Scott McMillan
UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Dr. Erin Michalak
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry at UBC
Dr. Ian M. Mitchell
Associate Professor, Computer Science at UBC
Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol
Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Health at UBC
Martha Rans
Creative Commons Canada
Dr. Rosie Redfield
Professor, Department of Zoology at UBC
Novak Rogic
UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Sarah Romkey
Archivist, UBC Library
Dr. David S. H. Rosenthal
Chief Scientist, LOCKSS Program at Stanford University Libraries
Paul Stacey
Director, Communications, Stakeholder & Academic Relations at BCcampus
Tara Stephens
cIRcle Librarian
Julia Thompson
Digital Library Assistant, UBC Library
Wim van der Stelt
Executive Vice President, Business Development, Springer Science+Business Media
Dr. Wasserman
Professor, Department of Medical Genetics at UBC
Bonnie Wen
MLIS Candidate UBC School of Library, Archival & Information Studies
Reilly Yeo
Managing Director, OpenMedia.ca
Dimas Yusuf
Third-year UBC Medical Student